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Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab

Department of Psychology

Recent Radio & Interviews

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Risky Talk - Communicating about Climate Change

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European Skeptics Podcast - On Bad News and Prebunking

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BBC World Service - Fake News

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The Naked Scientists - Psychology of Being a Fan

NPR Weekend Edition - Spot Fake News by Making It

Sage Social Science Bites - Viral Altruism

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BBC Cambridge/The Naked Scientists - Social Media: Bad for our Brains?

NPR's Science Friday - Immunity Against Fake News

BBC/The Naked Scientists - Altruism in Humans: Are We Unique?

BBC/The Naked Scientists - Making Goodwill Go Viral

BBC World Service - Fake News Vaccine

Science(ish) - Orwell's 1984 (Psychology of Being Watched)

Cambridge 105 Radio - Cambridge Minds (Interview)

BBC Radio 4 - The Cumbrian Floods: Could it Make Us Greener?

NPR On-Point - Behavioral Incentives and Sustainability

KPFT 90.1 - Partisan Gridlock (Psychology of Conspiracy Theories)