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Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab

Department of Psychology

We collaborate with many academic and non-academic research partners around the world.


 Chief Organizer Blog


Google Jigsaw
Research on Online Extremism and Inoculation


Cabinet Office - Allen Lane

Cabinet Office

Research on countering COVID-19 Misinformation - GoViral!



Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) | Homeland Security


Department of Homeland Secutiy (CISA)

Research on countering misinformation - Harmony Square




Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, Yale University

Lead: Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz, Director
Research on Climate Change and Sustainability


WhatsApp (Facebook) Research Team

Research on Social Science and Misinformation
Development of Join This Group game.




Nuffield Foundation
Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication

Lead: Prof. Sir David Spiegelhalter, Chairman and Dr. Alexandra Freeman
Research on Communicating Evidence and Judgment under Uncertainty




Northeastern University

Lead: Prof. Costas Panagopoulos
Professor of Political Science and Director of Big Data and Quantitative Initiatives




George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication

Lead: Prof. Edward Maibach, Director
Research on Climate Change Communication





Lead: Ruurd Oosterwoud
Collaboration Bad News Game



Behavioural Insights Team

Research on Misinformation





Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Research on Misinformation
Translation of Bad News Game