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Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab

Department of Psychology
The Fake News Game & Lab's Contribution to Parliamentary Inquiry

Dr. van der Linden and Jon Roozenbeek (in collaboration with DROG) have released "The Fake News Game" ( worldwide today in collaboration with the University of Cambridge. The game lets players step into the shoes of a fake news producer. Players earn bad badges along the way to master the techniques (e.g. polarization, conspiracies). The researchers hope that the game will help create mental antibodies and inoculate the public against fake news.


The Cambridge Press Release can be found here

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Listen on CBC, NPR, and BBC World News

The Fake News Game can be played for free at:

Based on the research, Dr. van der Linden and Jon Roozenbeek were invited to lead a written submission of evidence to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Fake news, which has been published and can be accessed here.