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Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab

Department of Psychology

Flavio Azevedo is a political psychologist, Fulbright fellow, and Assistant Professor of Political Psychology at University of Groningen. He was a postdoc at Cambridge's Social Decision-Making Lab. His research focuses on ideology, how to measure it, and its role in political behavior and in justifying social and economic injustices. At Cambridge, Flavio focuses on uncovering the ideological basis of anti-scientific attitudes and conspiratorial thinking. Flavio is the principal investigator of The Psychology of Political Behavior Studies (PBBS), a series of studies informing psychological explanations of political attitudes, values, voting, and participation. Flavio co-founded and directs FORRT—A Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training—an award-winning interdisciplinary community of >300 ECR aiming to integrate open scholarship principles into higher education and to advance research transparency, reproducibility, rigor, and ethics through pedagogical reform. Twitter: @Flavio_Azevedo_.

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